5 Quick iPad Tips for Parents

iPad User Guide For iOS 10

#1 Vigilancedigitalparents copy


Be vigilant and request that homework be completed in a common area of the home (if possible).

In the evening, children definitely need their sleep and time to de-tech for the day. We recommend that students do not go to bed with their device. Setting up a charging station that is in a common area of the home will help keep the device out of the bedroom at night. Please note that the device may not be needed for all assignments.

#2 Accountability

Set up a meeting with all family members to discuss the acceptable use policy.

Help your child by teaching him/her how to deal with distractions through self-discipline or discipline through accountability.  One way you can to do this is by setting up an accountability situation with your child.

In order to best monitor what your child is doing during homework time, it is recommended that he/she shut down all running apps on the iPad before beginning homework.  It is important to know what your child is doing on the device.  To view all previously opened apps, double click home (or four finger swipe up on screen).

 icon-video-camera Video Tutorial: How to Close Apps


#3 Notifications

Swipe up the control center from the bottom of the screen and tap on the crescent moon icon to turn on “Do not Disturb.” This  will block any notifications from popping up while your child is  working in an app. You can customize notifications by tapping on Settings – Notification Center.

icon-video-camera Video Tutorial: Set iPad to “Do Not Disturb.”

#4 Guided Access

If your child has trouble staying focused on their work within a specific app, Guided Access enables you to set up the iOS device so that you cannot leave apps, and you are able to  control which features of the app you are allowed to use or not use.

icon-video-camera Video Tutorial: Set up Guided Access


#5 Restrictions 

If certain apps, such as iMessage or FaceTime, have become a distraction, you can set up restrictions on your child’s iPad.  You can access this feature in Settings – General – Restrictions.

icon-video-camera Video Tutorial: Enable Restrictions


*Adapted from Eanes ISD’s “5 Quick Tips for Parents” by Tim Yenca