4th Grade iPad Pilot


Our fourth graders have led the way with our technology transition by piloting 1:1 iPad Minis in their classrooms. They have been hard at work creating iMovies, mind maps, eBooks and more!

The students have really taken off and expressed their creative sides by designing their own eBooks with the Book Creator app for iPad. In Mrs. Wheelock’s class, students researched a unique endangered animal and put their discoveries together into ebooks that included images, video with picture-in-picture and even customized drawings. In Mrs. Bald’s class, students did a similar project all about spiders! You can view and download the students’ creations on your iPhone, iPod or iPad by visiting our iTunes U collection. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Jenny Grabiec
Director of Instructional Technology

About Our Site

Apptitude2Learn.com was created to support our teachers, students and parents with our one-to-one iPad and MacBook program.  An independent, K-12 college prep school, our students must have an LD and/or ADHD diagnosis, documentation of average or above average IQ, and evidence that emotional or behavioral issues are not the primary concern. Specific learning disabilities include diagnoses such as disorders in reading, written expression or math, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and language processing deficits.

Our one-to-one program will be rolled out over a two-year period with the equipment having an estimated life span of three years through a leasing program. iPads will be provided for students in grades K-5 and a mixture of MacBooks and iPads in grades 6-12. iPads and MacBooks will be provided for all faculty members.

This website will serve as a resource and sharing hub for teachers, students and parents.