Care & Maintenance

  1. Do not attempt to repair or gain access to the internal electronics of your iPad. If your iPad fails to work or is damaged, report the problem to your teacher as soon as possible.  The Technology Department will determine iPad repair/replacement options. You may be issued a temporary iPad or other device until your iPad is working properly or replaced.

  2. Never leave an iPad unattended. When not in your personal possession, the iPad should be in a secure, locked environment. Unattended iPads will be collected and stored in the Division Head’s office.

  3. Never expose an iPad to long-term temperature extremes or direct sunlight.

  4. The iPad should be cleaned with a clean, soft, microfiber cloth.  Avoid applying liquids to the iPad or getting moisture in the openings. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the iPad. Use of unapproved cleaners may remove the protective film covering the face of the iPad.

  5. While the iPad is scratch resistant, it can scratch. Avoid using any sharp object(s) on the iPad.

  6. Your iPad comes with a case.  The role of the case is to protect the iPad, especially while the iPad is being transported. Leave the iPad in its case at all times.

  7. Avoid placing weight on the iPad.

  8. Never throw or slide an iPad.

  9. Your iPad comes with ports for charging and other accessories. Use care when plugging and unplugging accessories.

  10. Each iPad has the ability to be remotely located.  Do not modify, disable or attempt to disable the locator.

  11. Each iPad has a unique identification number and at no time should the numbers or labels be modified or removed.

  12. Do not lend your iPad to another person. Each iPad is assigned to an individual and the responsibility for the care of the iPad rests solely with that individual.

  13. Identification stickers have been placed on your iPad cover. These must remain on the cover at all times and no other stickers, writing, painting, or any other forms of adornment should be added.

  14. The iPad comes with both a front and rear-facing camera and video capability.  Recording devices, including iPads, may never be accessed, turned on, or operated in restrooms, dressing rooms, or other areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. As with all recording devices, it is best practice and common courtesy to ask permission before recording an individual or group. Students must obtain permission to publish a photograph or video of any school-related activity.

  15. At this time, Students may not install or delete apps unless permission has been granted by a teacher or member of the Technology Team.

  16. All students should recognize and guard their personal and private information.  While on the Internet, students should not reveal personal information, including a home address or phone number, or the address or phone numbers of other students.