Hour of Code at Fletcher

IMG_0247This is our third year to participate in Hour of Code, an International focus during the week of December 7th to highlight the possibilities that learning to code can offer to students in our technological age.

This week Paula Paul came and spoke to us about her career as a programmer and introduced us to what real coding looks like through koding.com.

Mrs. Poe’s 7th grade computer classes will spend not just an hour but more than a week working with a coding simulation interface to experience how to talk to a computer and what it takes for a computer to interact with them.

There are many options available to learn to code such as Code.org, Code Academy and Khan Academy and we match the students to a site that fits their interests and abilities. These sites are available to anyone, anytime so check them out and try coding yourself!


US History Class Meets iBooks Author!

Mrs. Terrick’s US History classes recently worked on a research project on topics, such as the Civil War, the Underground Railroad, President Abraham Lincoln, etc. This year Mrs. Terrick allowed students to curate their research into an iBook using the amazing Mac app, iBooks Author. Students’ books have been published in the Apple iBookstore and are available to all! Great job Mrs. Terrick and US History students!


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Digital Learning Day

DLD2014SaveTheDate1Digital Learning Day is on Wednesday, February 5 and many of our teachers have shared how they plan to incorporate digital tools into their instruction. Click on the link below to check out how teachers and students plan to innovate on this big day!

icon-flashDigital Learning Day 2014