Digital Learning Day


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TeacherGradeDigital Learning Activity
Anastasi6I am using Educreations for Pictionary in my LT classes, as well as, which shows the morpohology of our vocab words.
In Science, we will utilize a video from Discovery Ed.
Brown4, 5My two fifth grade Math classes will use Explain Everything to demonstrate that they understand how to solve a long division problem and prove their answer.The fourth grade Math classes will also use Explain Everything to show how they solved their homework. Fourth grade Math will begin a new Easy Teach lesson on reading fractions and mixed numbers from a number line. My fourth grade Social Studies class will be completing their Popplets on The Branches of NC Government. Fifth grade Social Studies will use Google Earth to locate land forms in the US.
Caldwell2I will incorporate digital learning in all of my Language Tutorial classes. I will use a mix of the iPad and/or Easiteach to perform sight word drills, sound drills, reading and spelling exercises.
Cassell5My students will be taking a virtual tour of the annex where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War 2. They will be using the website to answer questions about Anne Frank.
Cloos8In Computer classes we are going to have a 2 day introduction to Google Glass. Tuesday we will follow the lesson plan at Film English ( adapting for time and muting language in film. Wednesday I will demonstrate how Google Glass works and then students will have a chance to try it out. Afterwards, students will brainstorm ideas for incorporating Google Glass into our Personal Finance unit using Educreations. My goal is to make Fridays “Google Glass Day”.
ForshawArtEveryday I use my iPad with my Apple TV to show examples of famous artists, or of the lesson plan of the day, on my white board so that students have visual understanding of our art lesson plans.
Gauss9-12I will be using powerpoint, ipads for independent research, and possibly an online game for my civics classes (depending on time).
Gibson7We are talking about "combining like terms". I will be showing a short video from Khan Academy on this, but it will probably be on Tues, 2-4-14 because we are scheduled to have a test on Wed 2-5-14. Even though we are scheduled for a test on that day, the students will be going to iXL after their test to review like terms individually.
Holzberg9-12We will work on annotating on iBooks (the freshmen are reading Romeo and Juliet).
Lindsay2Paperless in both Math classes
McConnell9-12I will be using my projector to do some interactive whiteboard activities to practice verb conjugations. The students will be the "teacher" and they will be using the smarkers to interact with the material.
Oliver9-12In Biology students will be using their computers for notes and their Techbook and Apple TV to watch the video.
Parr4Between the hours of 9-10AM, my class will:
- read myth plays from KIDSINCO web site, using the iPad
- use props to dress up as various gods, goddesses and other mythical characters within the plays
- use the iPad camera and photography apps they have learned to take/alter pictures of peers dressed as mythical characters
10:45-12:00 small group (continue lesson):
-create digital collages to start to create a movie trailer and/or Book Creator digital book about mythical characters
PerryComputer2nd Grade will hear a short story/poem and use a graphic organizer to summarize (Character, goal, conflict, resolution) and add clip art.
Poe7My students have worked together to create a setting/village in Minecraftedu. We have written a storyboard which we will act out as we screencast using Quicktime in the Minecraftedu program. Then we will edit our screencasts in iMovie.
Rich6Using Spelling City to reinforce LT rules.
Using Spelling City for Social Studies classes to reinforce vocabulary for unit on Ancient Greek History.
Roberts4The Fletcher spirit stick was just passed to my homeroom for the week so we will be using Popplets on our iPads to explain interesting facts about our school’s spirit stick.
Also, we have been studying fables and will use a comic app to create our own fable characters that go along with some of the familiar lessons or morals.
Short4LA activity – creating class iMovie to share understanding of myth Pandora’s Box
NCHistory class – adding photos/personal explanations to Book Creator
Terrick9-12Civics Class will engage in a vocabulary activity with Educreations. In US History students will collaborate within a Google Doc for a research activity.
Vater5Using "Show Me" app...mirroring one iPad on Apple TV...students taking turns using "Show Me" to demonstrate understanding.
Weiss7Written Expression: To supplement classroom grammar instruction, students are using the Edmodo apps "NoRedInk" and "Blendspace" and reading/writing software "Lexia." Students are currently putting the finishing touches on a personal narrative, created in iBooks Author. Their finished products will be published on iTunes U.

Reading Comprehension: Students are practicing text-based comprehension strategies using the quiz feature in Edmodo, where they receive immediate feedback on their progress. Using their Wordly Wise vocabulary words, students are creating and sharing digital "picture definitions" created in Google Draw.
Wheelock4Endangered Animals iBook Project. Students will share the process of researching their animal and where they are individually in completing their Book Creator project.